Natural edge bowl

Description:  This bowl has been turned from a spalted log (believed to be birch) rescued from the firewood pile at Blackwater Valley partnership. The spalting is quite gentle but is accentuated by an ogee shape in the bowl. Wood:   Spalted Birch Status:  Sold. Price: £20 Size: 15cm diameter by 7cm high

Yew pinch bowl

Description:  This pinch bowl has been turned from a yew branch and shows a nice mix of sapwood and heartwood.  The branch was collected from Ankerwycke so may be related to the original Ankerwycke yew. Wood:   Yew Status: For sale Price: £5 Size: 6cm x 6cm by 4cm high

Yew Bud Vase

Description:  This slim vase has a small plastic test tube insert allowing a flower or bud stem to be kept in water without damaging the wood.  The yew has  a lovely colouring as it contained several small branches visible as knots as well as a nice mix of softwood and hardwood. Wood:   Yew Status: For Sale … More Yew Bud Vase

Yew pear

Description:  This pear has been turned from a branch of yew and was my first attempt at turning fruit.   The stalk is turned from a piece of rosewood. Wood:   Yew Status: Not For sale Price: N/A Size: 6cm by 9cm high

Rhododendron bowl

Description:  This bowl has been turned from rhododendron from Simons Wood.  It is probably about 60 years old and has been cutdown as part of the clearance being undertaken by the National Trust. Unfortunately the bowl split along the edge after turning which is a shame as it has a lovely grain. I have since filled the … More Rhododendron bowl