Xmas tree ornaments

Description:  These little Xmas trees have been turned from small branches leaving a natural edge and variety of heartwood and sapwood colours.  In some cases they have been turned wet and have split which adds to their charm. Wood:   Holly, Yew, Wellingtonia, False Acacia, Gorse  Status: For Sale Price: £3/ 2 for £5 Size:3cm diameter by … More Xmas tree ornaments

Natural edge bowl

Description:  These bowls have been turned from a spalted birch log rescued from the firewood pile at Blackwater Valley partnership. The spalting is quite stunning and includes a variety of grain colourations and textures.  Wood:   Spalted Birch Status:  2 Available. Price: £20 Size: 15cm diameter by 9cm high Date added: Dec 2017

Natural Edge Vase

Description:  This vase has been turned from a holly trunk with several smaller branches coming out of it.  This produces knots in the sides of the vase.  A natural edge of bark has been left on the rim of the vase and the uneven shape of the log has produced a nice variation in rim … More Natural Edge Vase

Spalted birch tealight

Description:  These tealight holders have been turned from a yew branch  showing a lovely shade of orange heartwood as well as some creamy sapwood. Wood:   Spalted Birch Status:  Sold Price: £15 Size: 10cm  by 5cm high