Rhododendron bowl

Description:  This bowl has been turned from rhododendron from Simons Wood.  It has been seasoned for about a year and has a nice golden grain with some areas of bark left on  the bowl rim.   Wood:   Rhododendron Status: For Sale Price: £15 Size: 14cm diameter by 7cm high

Holly Bowl

Description:  This  bowl has been turned crossgrain from a large halved holly branch.  The wood has been seasoned and is darker than fresh cut holly but still has a nice fine grain.  Aome checks were still present but have been stabilized with CA glue. Wood:   Holly Status: Available Price: £20 Size: 14cm diameter by 4cm high

Spalted birch bowl

Description:  This bowl has been turned from a spalted birch log rescued from the firewood pile at Blackwater Valley partnership. The spalting is very striking and – for once – the wood is reasonably firm and has taken a good finish. Wood:   Spalted Birch Status:  For Sale. Price: £30 Size: 17cm diameter by 7cm high

Fidget Spinner

Description:  This fidget spinner was undertaken as a competition entry to the SAW “something for a child”  competition.  Bearings were obtained from a cheap fidget spinner with plastic frame.  These were a bit stiff but released well with some WD40 and a bit of working.  The design was based around the spinner but made a … More Fidget Spinner

Spalted Birch Bowl

Description:  This bowl has been turned from birch with a lovely black spalting producing a distinctive pattern in the bowl. After initial turning the bowl came out of the chuck jaws breaking the fluorencent tube and breaking into 3 pieces.  See the comments in the pictures for its story. Wood:   Spalted Birch Status:Not for sale … More Spalted Birch Bowl

Apple bowl

Description:  This bowl has been wet turned from a large piece of applewood obtained from an orchard sold by Wellington college for development.  Wood:   Apple Status: For Sale Price: £30 Size: 23cm diameter by 10cm high