Yew “Wave”

Description:  This “wave” was an attempt at offset turning and has been turned from an offcut of yew from the Rural Life Center. The piece is first turned on a centre to get a round disk with a ridge cut out.  The disk is then offset and a second ridge cut out to form half the rectangular channel you see.  This was then finished off (sanded and polished).  The disk was then turned around and the other side (outside) finished using the offset center but also glued to the faceplate.  The inside was then turned out and finished before taking the disk off the lathe.  The disk was then cut in half across the maximum and minimum diameter before glueing the two halves together and final finishing.  This is called a  wave as it would normally be mounted up the other way with the small end at the top.  It is purely decorative and was an experiment in offset turning.

Wood:   Yew
Status: For Sale
Price: £15
Size: 7cm by 14cm high


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